The collection spans from  Jeans to Active and Sportswear via City and Casual wear with a technical imprint.  Zama and thermoplastic, nylon and brass, polyurethane and ABS come to life and blend together  in a vast array of themes, a valuable source of inspiration for our client who can always rely on our team of designers and technicians.

Denim by OCEAN

With a designer exclusively dedicated to this line, Denim by OCEAN takes you on a journey where design meets technology.  GRITTI Group’s DNA is ingrained in the  blueprint of this collection –innovation and tradition- resulting in an authentic product with the required touch of avant-gardism  and luxury –essential components of contemporary denim.

The collection also revisits classic materials such as corozo and genuine horn by adding unexpected finishes giving them a truly rock n’ roll attitude whilst labels  become 3-dimensional with hip and trendy designs.

Denim and metal are synonymous. The latter is undiscutably a feast for the eye:  vintage and precious galvanics, varnishes with all kind of effects, laser and  prints which bring out the characteristics of each article.